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Shakespeare’s Characters: I

Please note that uppercase type indicates the stressed syllable.

Iachimo sometimes Jachimo – [YAH-kih-moh] Cymbeline

Iago – [ee-AH-goh except at 4.1.90 where it is YAH-go]¹ Othello

Imogen – [IHM-oh-gin] Cymbeline

Iras – [EYE-rus] Antony and Cleopatra

Iris – [EYE-ris] The Tempest

Isabel, (of England) – Richard II

Isabel (of France) – Henry V

Isabella – Measure of Measure

Isidore – [IZ-ih-dor] Timon of Athens

¹ See How to Pronounce the Names in Shakespeare by Theodora Ursula Irvine (1919).

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