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Leontes, King of Sicilia

Mamillius, young Prince of Sicilia

Camillo, Antigonus, Cleomenes, Dion, four lords of Sicilia

Hermione, Queen to Leontes

Perdita, Daughter to Leontes and Hermione

Paulina, Wife to Antigonus

Emilia, a lady

Polixenes, King of Bohemia

Florizel, Prince of Bohemia

Old Shepherd, reputed father of Perdita

Clown his son

Autolycus, a rogue

Archidamus, a lord of Bohemia

Mopsa, Dorcas, shepherdesses

Other Lords and Gentlemen and Servants

Shepherds and Shepherdesses

A Mariner

A Gaoler

Ladies attending the Queen

Satyrs for a dance

Time, as Chorus

Scene: Sicilia and Bohemia


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