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King Henry IV, Part II

ACT V SCENE IV London. A street.
Enter Beadles, dragging in HOSTESS QUICKLYand DOLL TEARSHEET
MISTRESS QUICKLY No, thou arrant knave; I would to God that I might
die, that I might have thee hanged: thou hast
drawn my shoulder out of joint.
First Beadle The constables have delivered her over to me; and  5
she shall have whipping-cheer enough, I warrant
her: there hath been a man or two lately killed about her.
DOLL TEARSHEET Nut-hook, nut-hook, you lie. Come on; I ‘ll tell
thee what, thou damned tripe-visaged rascal, an
the child I now go with do miscarry, thou wert  10
better thou hadst struck thy mother, thou
paper-faced villain.
MISTRESS QUICKLY O the Lord, that Sir John were come! he would make
this a bloody day to somebody. But I pray God the
fruit of her womb miscarry!  15
First Beadle If it do, you shall have a dozen of cushions again;
you have but eleven now. Come, I charge you both go
with me; for the man is dead that you and Pistol
beat amongst you.
DOLL TEARSHEET I’ll tell you what, you thin man in a censer, I  20
will have you as soundly swinged for this,–you
blue-bottle rogue, you filthy famished correctioner,
if you be not swinged, I’ll forswear half-kirtles.
First Beadle Come, come, you she knight-errant, come.
MISTRESS QUICKLY O God, that right should thus overcome might!  25
Well, of sufferance comes ease.
DOLL TEARSHEET Come, you rogue, come; bring me to a justice.
MISTRESS QUICKLY Ay, come, you starved blood-hound.
DOLL TEARSHEET Goodman death, goodman bones!
MISTRESS QUICKLY Thou atomy, thou!  30
DOLL TEARSHEET Come, you thin thing; come you rascal.
First Beadle Very well.