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    You may have a great idea that you think might prove groundbreaking in the respective genre. However, an idea is rendered useless if the execution is poor. Which is why it is essential to plan the process properly. According to a famous ghostwriting agency, the primary aspect of a proper book is the outline. The stronger the outline is, the better the chances are for sublime execution of the story. Which is why it is essential to write down a treaty of your story, then devise an outline accordingly. Was this information helpful?


    i am writing this book, that is erotic romance. I already wrote the first 2 chapters, but i feel that grammatically is not right. I am 16 years old and i have being talking for only 6 years. According to wikipedia profile creation services English is not my native language.So i have alot of mistakes. One of the things i have seen, is that i dont write smooth. I feel that i jump from this action, to this other action.

Visualizando 2 posts - 1 até 2 (de 2 do total)
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