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Troilus and Cressida

ACT V SCENE VIAnother part of the plains.
[Enter AJAX]
AJAXTroilus, thou coward Troilus, show thy head!
DIOMEDESTroilus, I say! where’s Troilus?
AJAXWhat wouldst thou?
DIOMEDESI would correct him.
AJAXWere I the general, thou shouldst have my office5
Ere that correction. Troilus, I say! what, Troilus!
TROILUSO traitor Diomed! turn thy false face, thou traitor,
And pay thy life thou owest me for my horse!
DIOMEDESHa, art thou there?
AJAXI’ll fight with him alone: stand, Diomed.10
DIOMEDESHe is my prize; I will not look upon.
TROILUSCome, both you cogging Greeks; have at you both!
[Exeunt, fighting]
[Enter HECTOR]
HECTORYea, Troilus? O, well fought, my youngest brother!
ACHILLESNow do I see thee, ha! have at thee, Hector!
HECTORPause, if thou wilt.15
ACHILLESI do disdain thy courtesy, proud Trojan:
Be happy that my arms are out of use:
My rest and negligence befriends thee now,
But thou anon shalt hear of me again;
Till when, go seek thy fortune.20
HECTORFare thee well:
I would have been much more a fresher man,
Had I expected thee. How now, my brother!
[Re-enter TROILUS]
TROILUSAjax hath ta’en AEneas: shall it be?
No, by the flame of yonder glorious heaven,25
He shall not carry him: I’ll be ta’en too,
Or bring him off: fate, hear me what I say!
I reck not though I end my life to-day.
[Enter one in sumptuous armour]
HECTORStand, stand, thou Greek; thou art a goodly mark:
No? wilt thou not? I like thy armour well;30
I’ll frush it and unlock the rivets all,
But I’ll be master of it: wilt thou not,
beast, abide?
Why, then fly on, I’ll hunt thee for thy hide.

Troilus and Cressida, Act 5, Scene 7