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Troilus and Cressida

ACT V SCENE IXAnother part of the plains.
[ Enter AGAMEMNON, AJAX, MENELAUS, NESTOR, DIOMEDES, and others, marching. Shouts within ]
AGAMEMNONHark! hark! what shout is that?
NESTORPeace, drums!
Achilles! Achilles! Hector’s slain! Achilles.
DIOMEDESThe bruit is, Hector’s slain, and by Achilles.
AJAXIf it be so, yet bragless let it be;5
Great Hector was a man as good as he.
AGAMEMNONMarch patiently along: let one be sent
To pray Achilles see us at our tent.
If in his death the gods have us befriended,
Great Troy is ours, and our sharp wars are ended.10
[Exeunt, marching]

Troilus and Cressida, Act 5, Scene 10