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The Merry Wives of Windsor


ACT V SCENE IA room in the Garter Inn.
FALSTAFFPrithee, no more prattling; go. I’ll hold. This is
the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd
numbers. Away I go. They say there is divinity in
odd numbers, either in nativity, chance, or death. Away!
MISTRESS QUICKLYI’ll provide you a chain; and I’ll do what I can to5
get you a pair of horns.
FALSTAFFAway, I say; time wears: hold up your head, and mince.
[Enter FORD]
How now, Master Brook! Master Brook, the matter
will be known to-night, or never. Be you in the
Park about midnight, at Herne’s oak, and you shall10
see wonders.
FORDWent you not to her yesterday, sir, as you told me
you had appointed?
FALSTAFFI went to her, Master Brook, as you see, like a poor
old man: but I came from her, Master Brook, like a15
poor old woman. That same knave Ford, her husband,
hath the finest mad devil of jealousy in him,
Master Brook, that ever governed frenzy. I will tell
you: he beat me grievously, in the shape of a
woman; for in the shape of man, Master Brook, I fear20
not Goliath with a weaver’s beam; because I know
also life is a shuttle. I am in haste; go along
with me: I’ll tell you all, Master Brook. Since I
plucked geese, played truant and whipped top, I knew
not what ’twas to be beaten till lately. Follow25
me: I’ll tell you strange things of this knave
Ford, on whom to-night I will be revenged, and I
will deliver his wife into your hand. Follow.
Strange things in hand, Master Brook! Follow.

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