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King Henry VI, Part II

ACT IV SCENE VILondon. Cannon street.
[ Enter CADE and the rest, and strikes his staff on London-stone ]
CADENow is Mortimer lord of this city. And here, sitting
upon London-stone, I charge and command that, of the
city’s cost, the pissing-conduit run nothing but
claret wine this first year of our reign. And now
henceforward it shall be treason for any that calls5
me other than Lord Mortimer.
[Enter a Soldier, running]
SoldierJack Cade! Jack Cade!
CADEKnock him down there.
[They kill him]
SMITHIf this fellow be wise, he’ll never call ye Jack
Cade more: I think he hath a very fair warning.10
DICKMy lord, there’s an army gathered together in
CADECome, then, let’s go fight with them; but first, go
and set London bridge on fire; and, if you can, burn
down the Tower too. Come, let’s away.15

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