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Double Falsehood
Possibly co-written by Shakespeare, it’s a comedic tale modeled after the famous story of Don Quixote.

Edward III
King Edward III saves the Countess of Salisbury and woos her even under the pretense they kill each other’s spouses to be together. She chastises him for falling for her and he, in shame, leaves to lead the English in a victorious battle against the French.

Sir Thomas More
Believed to have been co-written by William Shakespeare, it’s the story of Henry VIII’s chancellor, who was executed for failing to arrange Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

Two friends and cousins, Palamon and Arcite, are imprisoned after a battle. They see Princess Emilia from their window and both fall in love. They become rivals, and Arcite wins her, but after a fall from a horse, gives her to Palamon with his dying breath.