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Shakespeare Glossary: Y


YARE: ready, nimble, brisk.

YARELY:  adv. readily.

YAW: unsteady.

YCLAD: clad, clothed.

YCLEPED: called, named.


YEARN: to grieve, vex.

YEDWARD:  a form of “Edward”.

YELLOWNESS: jealousy.

YELLOWS: jaundice in horses.

YEOMAN: a sheriff’s officer.

YERK:  to thrust or push.

YEST:  foam on disturbed water.

YESTY:  foamy; frothy.

YEW:  a tree frequently planted in churchyards. The wood is poisonous.

YIELD: to bring forth; to reward.

YORE:  once upon a time.

YOKE:  pair of oxen; to be combined, coupled.

YOND: yonder.

YOUNKER: novice.

YRAVISH:  to ravish.

YSLAKED:  to silence; to renender inactive.